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​Who We Are


Friends of the Animal Community (FOAC) is a non-profit, mostly volunteer organization dedicated to meeting the medical and social needs of adoptable pets, providing the path to a loving forever home. We rescue and adopt dogs, cats and other animals. 

We are a small organization dedicated to relieving over-crowding at Tuolumne County Animal Control (AC); promoting the health of abused and abandoned animals; reducing unnecessary euthanasia; and ultimately expediting movement of homeless dogs into permanent, loving homes. As its name denotes, FOAC also provides assistance in meeting the needs of pets belonging to people in our community. These needs include re-homing a pet whose owner must relinquish it, or who can no longer care for it, and, in extreme emergencies, we have helped with financial assistance for medical issues or boarding and feeding. We are the only dog rescue group in Tuolumne County that offers this free service. Essentially, we give animals another chance for a better life.

Adoption Fees

Specialty dog breeds and purebreds are $500.

Normal dog adoption fee $350.

Senior dogs over 8 years $150.

PUPP’s fees will be $400 for the next cycle.