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Adult Senior Dogs 7+ for Seniors 62+

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Our Seniors for Seniors adoption program helps match senior dogs to seniors who want to enjoy and love a mature dog without all the energy and training involved with adopting a young active dog.


Senior  dogs are mellow, affectionate, and well behaved. Senior dogs can be your loyal best friend and loving companion. Our adoption process for Seniors for Seniors is very much like our standard adoption process. 


However, if you are 62+ years of age, we waive or lower our adoption fee. In emergencies, FOAC will help with financial assistance for medical issues, boarding and feeding.


Fill out our online application for a match and agree to home visit.


We help match an Adult/Senior Dog (7 yrs+) based on the dog's personality and daily exercise needs.

Adoption Fee

Adoption fee will be discounted and includes collar, tag, leash, ID chip and completed vet care (vaccinated, spayed/neutered, groomed & all necessary vet care. 

Seniors for Seniors Adoption Fee: Dogs (7 yrs+): $100-$150, Chihuahua/mix & Pit/mix (7 yrs+): $50-$100. Dependent on cost of the dog's vet bills, breed type, size and activity needs. 

Future Care

Please have designated back up guardians to care for your dog in the event that you are no longer able to (i.e. extended medical care (hospital/out of home), becoming sick, etc.). Your loving furry best friend is counting on you to protect them for life!

If you do not have a back up guardian available for your senior dog, FOAC will be your back up and protection for the life of your senior dog:—If you face unexpected future health challenges that result in you being unable to care or keep your dog, FOAC will care for our rescue dogs, just like our own fur-kids, for life!

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