Staff and Volunteers

Couples that Volunteer together, stay together!

Tom and JoAnne Miller are amazing volunteers for FOAC, individually and as a couple. JoAnne works the front desk, answering phones, doing adoptions at center and adoptions events, transports dogs from Animal Control to veterinarian appointments. She also is our volunteer coordinator, helping with all scheduling. Tom is our Treasurer on our FOAC board, managing our finances, transports animal, and helps maintain our facility. Wherever he is needed Tom gladly helps out! They as a couple lead our recent fundraiser.


Terri Detert, with her Mollie, *Director of Daily Operations
Director of Daily Operations at Rescue Center
2018 – Present

Carol Bailey, *Member at Large
Daily Operations at Rescue Center
2015 – Present

Susan Long,  *Secretary
2015 – Present

Kasie Critser

Social Media

Jen Pastorini