Our Fees and Benefits

FOAC’s usual adoption fee is currently $250 for dogs and $75 for cats.  Individual circumstances, at times, can be considered for a reduced rate.  Please read below to understand all this fee provides for you and your new pet.

When you adopt an adult from FOAC, you receive:    

A New Best Friend!

*          Your new pet is microchipped and will be registered to you

*          S/he has been given a heartworm test

*          S/he has had a one-year rabies vaccination

*          S/he will have been spayed or neutered

*          S/he will receive a free vet exam certificate.

If you adopt a puppy, you will additionally receive

*          S/he will have had the first DA2PP vaccination

*          A voucher for the second and third DA2PP vaccinations

*          S/he will have been given Pyrantel, a wormer

*          A Certificate for a Veterinarian New Puppy Exam

*          A voucher for the cost of a spay or neuter surgery

The vouchers are honored at five of our local veterinarian hospitals.

Their names and phone numbers are on the vouchers.