From Kitten Lady:

“Three words of advice for reaching out to animal rescuers: assume the best.


Assume that if you’re reaching out to someone who does animal rescue, you’re reaching out to someone who has a huge heart. Assume that they care deeply about saving lives. Assume that if they don’t respond to you right away, or at all, it’s because they’re so busy helping animals. Assume that you’re the 10th, 20th, or 100th person to reach out to them today asking for help. Assume that if they can’t help you, it’s because they are already at max capacity. Assume that you do not know or see a fraction of what is on their plate. Assume that they might be exhausted. Assume that they might be grieving, or tender. Assume that they are a loving, kind person who is a source of good for the world. Assume that they are worthy of being treated with consideration and respect. Assume that they are human.


Because 9 times out of 10, if you assume these things about an animal rescuer, you will be right. So when you reach out to an animal rescuer, let your words be filled with gratitude, patience, and understanding. Don’t use your words to jab at animal rescuers for not being available enough, not doing more, not “caring,” not being able to single-handedly save the world. Treat animal rescuers with compassion, not just when they can help you, but even—and especially—when they can’t. And when they can’t, don’t assume the worst. Assume the best.”


Photo by @iamthecatphotographer. Words by my emotionally taxed brain. 💕